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Related Links

This page lists a number of web-based references for those who wish to explore the science and technology of seismology further.

Basic Seismology

United States Geological Survey [USGS], Introduction to Seismology, at:  quake.usgs.gov/research/seismology/index.html

Seismometer Technology

Seismic Sensors and their Calibration by Erhard Wielandt at:


State Of The Art Digital Seismometer, a presentation by Dr. Randall Peters at the Fall 2006 American Geophysical Union meeting
describes the technology behind the VolksMeter II:


Other Seismology Resources

A bibliography of Seismology-related publications is maintained by Larry Cochrane at:     http://www.seismicnet.com/bibliography.html

Larry also manages an active web community of amateur seismologists at:     http://www.seismicnet.com

USGS National Earthquake Information Center compiles and maintains an extensive, global seismic database on earthquake parameters and their effects at:     http://neic.usgs.gov/

US Insurance Net, an informational website about insurance, has created a page devoted to Earthquake Preparedness with a wide variety of useful information:  http://usinsurancenet.com/earthquake-preparedness  (Thanks to Deborah Kearney and her students for this link)

Recent Earthquakes

USGS website:     http://earthquake.usgs.gov/  (this site is quite useful for determining the location and magnitude of the earthquake you just detected on your VolksMeter)

RLL Instruments provides a Helicord display of the last 24 hours of seismic activity detected by a test VolksMeter II at the Van Nuys, CA site:

The University of Southern California provides a display of seismograms for recent earthquakes from multiple stations around the world with their Rapid Earthquake Viewer:  http://rev.seis.sc.edu/index.html


An active group, albeit with a fair amount of noise:     sci.geo.earthquakes  (you will have to enter this URL in your Usenet reader)



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