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VolksMeter II





The figures below compare the integrated (pseudo-velocity) output of a VolksMeter to a broadband STS-1 for the same teleseismic earthquake (Mag 6.6, >3850km from both instruments). The VolksMeter is detecting horizontal motion while the STS-1 is detecting vertical motion. The VolksMeter is somewhat less sensitive to teleseismic events than broadband force-feedback instruments such as the STS-1 or 2 (-150dB vs 180dB), but as the records here show, it is effective with a sufficiently strong signal in a low-noise environment.  Additional examples of VolksMeter performance are on display at our website under Recent Earthquakes.


Comparison of teleseismic response of VolksMeter II
to traditional broadband instrument (STS-1).
Hawaii earthquake of 15-Oct-06, Mag 6.6


VolksMeter II (Integrated) record, Redwood City, CA


STS-1 Record, no filter, USGS Corvalis, OR

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