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VolksMeter II



Optional GPS Time Standard


The VolksMeter is equipped to use an optional GPS-derived time standard that provides a clock that is accurate to 2mS. This is useful in teleseismic research where knowing the precise time of a seismic wave arrival is critical. The GPS unit consists of a GPS receiver and 16 foot long RS232-C cable that plugs into the GPS port on the VolksMeter. Extension cables may be used if necessary. The GPS receiver also provides a precise location (latitude and longitude) for the VolksMeter (more specifically, the GPS receiver, which may be positioned some distance from the VolksMeter itself).  The GPS-Receiver is powered by the VolksMeter.

In the absence of the GPS option, the time stamp for instrument data is derived from the support computer, which may be off by seconds or more, depending on how the computer clock is set.

The GPS Receiver is weather-resistant and is intended to be mounted outside, with a clear view of the sky. (At the RLL Instruments test site, the GPS Receiver is located on the roof of the building, at the far end of a 100 foot extension cable.)

The part number of the GPS option is VMII-GPS.


GPS Receiver
connected to VolksMeter

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