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VolksMeter II



Software Description


The software supplied with the VolksMeter consists of two primary components: WinSDR and WinQuake. WinSDR provides control, data display, and data storage functions. WinQuake provides data analysis, processing and formatting functions. The software package also includes USB drivers, if required.


The version of WinSDR that is supplied with the VolksMeter has been specially modified to control and acquire data from the VolksMeter II instrument. It supports data resolutions up to 24 bits per sample. One or two channels (plus integrated, pseudo-velocity) may be collected at sample rates from 5 to 80 samples per second. RS232-C and USB connections are supported. WinSDR offers pre-processing of the data in the form of signal averaging, low and high-pass filtering and event triggering. Collected data may be displayed in real-time, either in helicord or single channel formats. Data may be time-stamped precisely using an optional GPS-based time standard (see below). Data may be saved in a variety of formats, including Public Seismic Network (PSN), SAC Binary and MiniSeed with Steim 2 encoding. Data files are automatically saved to disk for post-event analysis. Data files may be automatically uploaded to an FTP server. TCP/IP Server/Client mode and MiniSeed Data Server functions are supported. Data may be sent to the USGS Earthworm Seismic Processing System.



WinQuake reads the data "event" files output by WinSDR (as well as other sources of seismic data) and provides a variety of signal processing and analysis functions. These functions include calculating the event distance and magnitude. The frequency spectrum (FFT) of a data set may be calculated and displayed as well as the true Power Spectrum Density (PSD). Highpass, lowpass, notch and bandpass filtering may be applied to a dataset. Data files may be converted between Public Seismic Network (PSN), Binary SAC and ASCII formats. There are many other seismic data processing functions: See www.seismicnet.com for more information.

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