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VolksMeter II



Support Computer Requirements

Installation Considerations

Electrical Power


A user-supplied support computer is required to provide control and data logging (at a minimum) for the VolksMeter. A PC running MS Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Vista is required to run the software supplied with the VolksMeter (Windows 95, 98 and ME are reported to work but are not supported). The PC requires a CD-ROM (to load the software) and a USB or RS232-C port (to connect to the VolksMeter). Networking operations require a network interface (usually Ethernet) and network connection. Normally, the PC should be dedicated to the VolksMeter, but a multi-tasking system that is capable of accepting a data packet every 200mS from the VolksMeter will work. If the PC is not ready to accept the data packet when the VolksMeter sends it, gaps in the data record will result.

The principal issues with Windows 95, 98 and ME are operating system support for the CD-ROM drive and the USB port.  If the computer has these devices, it will probably work with the VolksMeter.  Computers without a USB port can use the RS232-C port for communications with the VolksMeter. 


The VolksMeter may be installed on any hard, flat surface with a good connection to the earth. While an isolated pier is ideal, the VolksMeter performs well on ordinary concrete slabs. For demonstration purposes, hardwood floors and even solidly built tables or lab benches have been used successfully. For best results, the VolksMeter should be protected from air currents, radical temperature changes, and local sources of electrical and mechanical disturbance. A 10 foot long cable (RS232 or USB) is supplied in the standard VolksMeter package.  Extension or booster cables may be used to extend the distance between the instrument and the support computer.   The support computer may be controlled and monitored from a remote location via LAN (typically Ethernet-based) and/or TCP/IP over the Internet using standard remote-access software.

Once the VolksMeter is installed and leveled, placing the support computer far enough away from the VolksMeter instrument itself, so that the presence of the operator does not disturb the data, is desirable. This distance depends on the stiffness and solidity of the floor on which the VolksMeter is mounted.  The concrete slab floor at RLL Instruments, for example, requires a distance of more than five feet to minimize the influence of the operator. (The current RLL Instruments test unit is located about 18 feet from the support computer, at the end of a 25 foot long RS232-C cable.)



Operation of the VolksMeter requires 9-24VDC at currents ranging from 20-90mA, depending on the supply voltage and the presence or absence of the optional GPS time standard. A 110VAC input power adapter is included. The VolksMeter may be run on 12V battery power but the support computer must also be powered.

A Universal (110-240VAC) AC Power Adapter is available as an option:  P/N VMII-UACA.


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