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VolksMeter II


Sensor Technology

The VolksMeter uses a unique, patented*, Symmetric Differential Capacitor (SDC) array sensor to detect and measure minute accelerations and tilts. The sensor consists of two fixed printed circuit boards holding the transmitting and receiving capacitor plates and a moving Faraday shield array, mounted on the end of a pendulum. When subjected to accelerations or tilts, the shield array on the pendulum moves relative to the fixed plates and changes the amount of receiving plate that is exposed to or shielded from the transmitting plates. This, in turn, changes the overall capacitance of the sensor. A magnetic eddy damper, located below the sensor plates, damps oscillations of the pendulum. A direct Capacitance-To-Digital-Converter (CDC) chip converts the current capacitance of the sensor array to a 24-bit number. An interface board in the VolksMeter controls the CDC chip and formats the acquired data for transmission to the support computer.

* U.S. Patent Number 5,461,319


VolksMeter Sensor Components

VolksMeter Sensor Assembly

Sensor Assembly

Interface Board with Capacitance To Digital Converters

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