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VolksMeter II





The VolksMeter II is a Seismometer/Tiltmeter.  It is based on a unique, patented sensor technology that provides low frequency capabilities not found in any other seismometer, at a fraction of the price of conventional professional instruments.  The VolksMeter requires a dedicated PC (Windows XP, 2000 or Vista OS) for control, data logging, display, analysis and, optionally, networking.

The VolksMeter is appropriate for geophysical research, education and the amateur seismologist.


  • Detects and measures local and teleseismic earthquakes

  • New window on VERY-LOW-FREQUENCY earth motions

  • Sensitive Tiltmeter

  • Optional GPS-based time standard

Powerful, User-Friendly Software

  • WinSDR for control, data acquisition, display and recording

  • WinQuake for display, analysis and data conversion

  • Compatible with USGS "Earthworm" seismic recording package

  • Easily generate TRUE power spectral densities (in progress)


VolksMeter II with cover Removed

VolksMeter II, RS232-C & USB I/O,

with cover in place



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