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VolksMeter II



Technical Notes

The technical notes listed here present information on topics related to the VolksMeter and Seismology that are more detailed than the User's Manual provides.

The notes are typically in .pdf or .html format.  Unless otherwise credited, all notes are by Dr. Randall D. Peters, Physics Department, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia who is RLL instruments Science Advisor and the creator of the VolksMeter.

  • Earthquakes, Aftershocks, and Total Energy
    The evolutionary spectral characteristics of a large earthquake/aftershock pair have been studied using a tool that is new to seismology, called the Cumulative Spectral Power.  Invariance of the total energy, during the period that was analyzed, supports a recent theory that aftershocks are triggered by dynamic seismic waves rather than changes in the stress of nearby faults.  [Data collected with a VolksMeter]
  • Precursor Warnings of Structural Catastrophe through observation of Seismic "Bounce"
    Novel technology employing two synergistic tools, one hardware [the VolksMeter] and the other software, provide clear evidence for the possibility of preventing fatalities due to the collapse of structures.

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