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Welcome to the RLL Instruments website.  We manufacture the VolksMeter Seismometer/Tiltmeter.  The VolksMeter is a research-grade instrument at a fraction of the cost usually associated with such performance.  In addition to its' other attributes, it offers a new window on low-frequency seismic activity.  Here you can find out all about this unique scientific instrument.

The Product Description pages give a brief summary of the VolksMeter II features and functions.  You can also find Ordering Information and Prices here.

See the VolksMeter in action!  Recent Earthquakes shows data collected by VolksMeters displaying current and recent seismic activity.

The User's Manual provides a detailed discussion of the instrument, its' installation and usage.

The Technical Notes section contains links to a variety of papers on the science behind the VolksMeter and how to use the data it produces.

The News And Events section contains information on new product developments, presentations at scientific meetings, tradeshow exhibits, and new research projects involving the VolksMeter.

The Frequently Asked Questions section provides answers to questions not covered (yet) in the standard documentation.

The Related Links page gives you hyperlinks to other websites that we think could be useful to VolksMeter users and prospective users.

Contact Us contains a variety of ways to get in touch with us here at RLL Instruments.

Coming soon to the website:

  • The Photo Gallery will show actual VolksMeter installations.
  • The Data Archive will provide a collection of VolksMeter raw data files for your analysis.


Thanks for visiting the RLL Instruments / VolksMeter website.

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